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05 June 2019
Oslo, Norway

By identifying marketers needs with in the Maritime industry we have developed a unique marketing event experience programme, covering a creative, strategic and tactical execution of techniques via interactive forums, workshops and knowledge hubs in order to drive marketing forward within the maritime industry.

Advisory Panel

Professionals from both the world of maritime marketing and wider B2B marketing sectors dedicated to provide independent advice and guidance.

  • Neil Sims
    Neil Sims
    Oakwood Agency
  • Justine Gillen
    Justine Gillen
    VP, Marketing, Maritime & Law Intelligence
  • Anja Andersen
    Anja Andersen
    Senior Corporate Brand Manager
    A.P. Møller – Mærsk
  • Andreas Bodmann
    Andreas Bodmann
    Leading Marketing Professional
  • Jan-Hein Reeringh
    Jan-Hein Reeringh
    Digital Marketing Manager
    Damen Shipyards Group
  • Rachel Waring
    Rachel Waring
    Group Marketing Director
    Survitec Group
  • Steve Parks
    Steve Parks
    Managing Director
    Wake Media


Session 1

  • 09:15 - 11:50
    The digital journey - where are you as a brand?

    Digital marketing has evolved quickly and become part of our everyday lives, not just a company website and a presence on social media. But what is digital marketing? What do we need to do to maximise our digital presence and its effectiveness? With so many tools at our disposal, have we lost sight of its potential and been left feeling confused?

    This interactive session will explore the ‘digital journey’, how to deliver it effectively and ensure your own digital marketing strategy evolves.

    Also, an industry first, the aim is to create live, the building of a ‘future maritime digital journey roadmap’, with you the audience. Through this collaboration, with you as industry experts, we will be creating the road map live through our expert graphic facilitation artist.

Session 2

  • 12:20 - 14:25
    The value of the publisher in a data-led world

    What is the current role of the publisher and has it changed? Where do they sit in the digital age? Will the shift change to audiences turning to less traditional news sources and opinion makers affect their credibility? Is the increase in readily available news and content online changing the traditional format of publishing?

    This session will explore and discuss with some of the maritime industry’s leading publishing houses, how they are serving their audiences. How are they adapting to the changing landscape of communications? How can they deliver for you, the advertiser, and how are they cutting through the noise?

Session 3

  • 15:05 - 17:30
    Walking in your customer's shoes - insights to know your audience

    To deliver truly targeted and successful marketing campaigns, it is vitally important that your people at all levels understand how it FEELS to be a customer.

    This session will bring you closer to a customer-centric mindset. We will hear from three of the largest players within the ship owning and management community, together with a leading marketing agency. They will share their own brand development journeys, provide you with an insight into their achievements, their challenges and how they stay ahead.


We are proud to have some of the industry’s most renowned media houses supporting the event:

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MiM Crowd Lead Sponsor

Oakwood Agency are a brand communications team driven by creating innovative solutions to challenging business problems. We offer an informed perspective within the maritime and O&G sectors on the challenges and opportunities for marketing teams working within a world of digitalisation, the rise of the sustainability agenda and across complex customer journeys. Through a mix of behavioural science, creativity, strategy and measurement, Oakwood supercharge experiences that help even the most ambitious brands ignite their worlds. #brandrocketfuel



Nor-Shipping 2019
Norway Trade Fairs
Messeveien 8,
2004 Lillestrøm

13 minutes by Airport Express
11 minutes from Oslo Central Station


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05 June 2019
Oslo, Norway

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Louise Smith
Louise Smith
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