Marketing in Maritime 2023

Our most recent event 'Marketing AI - a Double Edged Sword?' took place during London International Shipping Week...

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Flying the flag for maritime marketing

To accelerate evolution, growth and success for ambitious businesses and individuals in the maritime industry.

Marketing in Maritime is a professional community united by a passion for powerful marketing in the rapidly-changing maritime sector. We challenge the idea that shipping is an industry that responds to conservative marketing methods and make it our mission to highlight best practices, emerging business dynamics and innovative solutions. Our network introduces maritime marketeers to leading practitioners from the wider business-to-business and consumer sectors, creating a platform for first-class thinking and delivery that aims to drive up the standards of marketing in maritime.


Learn, live, love and impress!


As part of the #MiMCrowd, in a fun and fresh environment, you will get the opportunity to live and learn with the latest modern marketing methods from other industry marketing professionals. Take these new skills back to the office, impress and persuade your colleagues towards transforming your marketing approach for the better!

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Marketing in Maritime is a unique marketing maritime platform, enabling you to share your experiences openly as well as perfect your marketing know-how.

In addition, there is no other place on earth where you can enhance your marketing contacts 10-fold from an ecosystem of fellow marketing and industry professionals!

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Whether you’re a marketer, marketing supplier or event organiser, we welcome you to get involved!

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MiMCrowd Events

Marketing AI: A Double-Edged Sword?

13th September 2023

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MiMCrowd Events

Marketing in Maritime delivers tangible benefits for international industry professionals responsible for marketing, communication and strategic direction of their maritime business and brands. Since our inaugural event in 2018, Marketing in Maritime has attracted some of the greatest minds in marketing to share their unique insights with our industry.

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